Social Skill Help Cards Are Here! (And so are video previews…)

For the past couple of months, I have been thinking about quick-reference supports for students with social learning needs – something smaller than a full social narrative, but more informative than a visual picture card. The result?  Social Skills Help Cards.   These cards serve as handy teaching tools that provide students with social learning opportunities throughout the day.


Why are Social Skills Help Cards needed?  Simply put, we need to be surrounding our students with more social learning opportunities. Students with social learning difficulties struggle with learning a skill and generalizing it across multiple settings.  The size and simplicity of the cards make it easy to present students with key concepts throughout the day, both at home and at school.

This product also marks the first time I have provided a video preview in the product description of my Teachers Pay Teachers product page.  Hopefully it provides a more thorough look at how the Help Cards can help your students learn these essential skills for life.





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